Anxious….?Lets deal. Together.

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Birth Partners

Prepared, not scared.

Feeling anxious? Prepare & then rely on what you’ve learnt. Master effective calming strategies for your pregnancy, labour, birth &/or caesarean.

You’ll feel better when you’re prepared.

Knowing what you & your partner can do to avoid “Fight or Flight” means you will both be less nervous. More chill. If you don’t, 100% of your investment will be returned to you. No drama’s.

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Dad and baby

Because this is a big life moment.

For you.  When you have a toolkit you’ll feel good to go mentally, emotionally and physically to meet your baby.

For baby. Studies show that when mum’s feel calmer in pregnancy and birth, baby isn’t exposed to excessive stress hormones either. Winner!

For birth partner. They’ll know how to help you so they can enjoy a more positive experience too.

birth belief

Welcome to the family

Who we are. We are a team of medical & learning professionals who believes in paring knowledge with action

We’re here for parents. We’ve been doing this for a long time now. Over a decade.

We are proud to share that our program has recently been approved and adopted for a Rotary International Childbirth Education program in Nepal. Childbirth Ed saves lives, saves money and empowers families!



Meet some of the parents who took a chance and prepared with us.


Healthy Mum, Healthy Baby

And by health we’re not just talking physical - the emotional well being of you and your partner matters too. Our program can help you both work as a team to keep your heads together when the temperature hots up. Prepare so you feel more confident. Prepare so you can think calmly. And prepare so you feel more in control for whatever your birth adventure brings.

Lets stock up your toolkit so you have strategies by your sides to use on the important day you meet your baby….you got this.


Courses to prepare you

For ALL types of labour and birth, from low intervention right through to emergency C-section.