You’ll feel better when you’re prepared

Online course for labour & birth skills

Some births go to plan, while others require a more flexible approach. Our experience is that all births can benefit from good solid preparation so you and your partner feel more in control, calmer and confident. It makes sense to prepare for the big life moments. And for most of us having a baby is certainly one of those.

If you’re like us, you like to feel ready and prepared. To research the options. To do everything you possibly can to navigate the learning curve you’re on. You want credible and sensible information to help you make informed choices.

When you prepare for your labour and birth with us, that’s exactly what you will receive. There isn’t anything earth mother, magical or mystical. It’s about having solid knowledge, skills, tools and techniques that work with your hospital advice, not contradict it.

Our programs aim to give you confidence, calm and control. We teach the Birth Sense skills with an extensive 2.5-hour online video course – Why? Because it works better in the comfort of your own home! After all, it’s your birth and you should be able to prepare the way that suits you

How we can help

Rely on what you’ve learnt with the help of our online programs and MP3 downloads, aimed at helping you and your partner learn sensible coping skills for all types of Labour and Birth experiences.

You’ll both feel better when you’re prepared.

Knowing what to do, like how to effectively breathe to avoid going into “Fight or Flight” mode, tips for how your partner can help, active birth positions or what you can do for a calmer high intervention/ Cesarean birth will help you feel more ready & prepared.

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Why we care?

Because we’re for you. We know that you’ll feel better when you’re prepared for your baby’s arrival – just like we did. We teach simple and practical ideas that help prepare you for labour and birth.

Because we’re for your baby. We believe that when you feel calmer and can have more control over your emotions during labour and birth you help your baby to have a better start to life.

Because we’re for birth partners. We want your birth partner to have a good experience too. Our feedback shows that birth partners feel fantastic when they actively contribute. And it so easy to do

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What we believe

We believe in combining the best medical advice with practical & sensible skills so everybody benefits, baby included.

“The midwives were surprised I was so calm, they called me the quiet achiever. We feel very blessed to have had such a positive experience” 

Dr Danni Bao, Paediatrician and Happy mum.

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Hear from some of the parents who have made the choice to prepare for the arrival of their baby with us.


Nervous about labour and birth?

We get that. Our online program can help you & your birth partner feel more confident, calmer and in control for whatever your birth brings.

Wondering how your partner will cope?

Let’s get them skilled up.

Our video courses and MP3’s for use in pregnancy, labour and birth share sensible skills to increase your feelings 
of calm, confidence and control, so you and your partner will both have a toolkit to use on the important day you meet your baby….


Courses to prepare you

We have a variety of video’s and MP3’s to help you learn skills for ALL types of labour and birth, from low intervention right through to emergency C-section