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Thanks for having a peak at our Birth Sense Australia family. We are a mixed bunch, but together we like what we bring to the table.

Our purpose is an easy one to share.

We want Mum’s, their partners and their babies to feel better in labour & birth and in cesarean birth, both here in Australia & all around the globe.

Being afraid gets in the way of your body working efficiently and your experience of meeting your baby and we really, really hate that.

When we hear from parents who prepare with us we do a little happy dance & we love that they have felt so happy that they wanted to share their story.

The feedback we get after a decade of teaching these skills is that they fit within every environment, and are applicable for every kind of birth. (Brag moment -many Obstetricians and Midwives now recommend our program because they see the difference having a toolkit makes).

We know that you’ll feel better when you and your partner are prepared. If you don’t, give us a call - your feedback is everything to us & we will return your investment, and ask what we could have done better.

  • Rebecca McQueen - Director Birth Sense Australia, R.N (BsN), Childbirth Educator (CBE), International Rotary Maternal & Infant Health Care project worker (Nepal), Evidence Based Birth member.

  • David McQueen - Director Birth Sense Australia, Adult Learning Expert, Partner, Grist Consulting.

  • Veeran Neeran - Partner Birth Sense Australia, Director VevaTV

  • Donna Barnekow - Consultant Midwife Birth Sense Australia, Director The Conceiving Mind, R.N (BsN), R.M (Grad Dip Midwifery)

  • Lana Dawkins - Website Design and Creative Content

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Bec and Dave McQueen

Co- directors Birth Sense Australia


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Veeran Neeran

Director VevaTV

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Lana Dawkins

Website design & Creative Content


Donna Barnekow

Consultant Midwife