Frequently Asked Questions


How long can I access my video courses for?

You can access you video courses and their respective resources for 4 weeks post your Estimated Due Date (EDD). When you create an account, you will be asked how many weeks pregnant you are. The average full term pregnancy is 40 weeks, and you will have unrestricted access for 44 weeks. This will allow for plenty of time, even if you meet your baby after your EDD.

If I do the Birth Sense Australia program, do we still need to do hospital classes?

We believe that going to hospital classes is important. We don’t “double up” on the advice you receive from hospital antenatal classes – we build upon it. For example, your hospital may advise you to “stay at home as long as you can” - we’ll show you how you can do that and feel good about it.

What will we learn?

You will understand the science of how mammals in labour function and what is needed for the body to carry out its role for labour and birth. You will learn how to access the optimal state of mind with techniques such as effective breathing, and positive sensory engagement that has been specifically designed for birth such as down to earth guided imagery, affirmation and birth partner education.

How much are the online courses?

For the next month to celebrate our launch and to help as many parents as possible we are so happy to offer expectant Mums and Dad’s an introductory offer of 50% discount for any purchases made in the from March 2019-June 2019

Will we learn breathing techniques?

There are three effective breath techniques that you will learn when you do our program. They are simple to learn and apply and are enormously helpful to use for all types of birthing experiences.

If Induction or Caesarean is likely, will everything I learn at your video course go out the window?

Not at all. In fact, the skills become even more important! This program will provide you with the knowledge and strategies to enable you to cope well with your birth, no matter what your individual journey. Our online specific caesarean program is currently in development

When should you start learning?

The time of enrolment depends on your learning requirements. If you like to prepare early and have a determination to practice regularly, enrol early in your pregnancy. If you prefer to learn and implement in a short timeframe come and see us a little later. Some parents have had excellent experiences even when they have come as late as 39 weeks! The majority of participants are between 25 weeks and 32 weeks pregnant.

Why do I need to prepare?

We tend to prepare for the important moments in our lives and for most of us, birth is certainly one of them. You will be given practical techniques of how to address and deal with any uncertainty, nervousness, anxieties or fears that may be present for you or your partner so you can go into your birth experience with confidence and be free of stress.

Does my partner or husband have to be involved?

The Birth Sense Australia program focuses strongly on the birth partner, whoever that may be. This special person plays a specific role in the birth, and the online course therefore assumes their involvement. However, women who plan to give birth with no partner present can still benefit greatly from the courses.

How does Birth Sense Australia course differ from the hospital antenatal classes?

In a hospital setting the antenatal education and hospital tour focuses on the medical side of the birth. What they may not focus on is: 

• How the uterus works & the impact of adrenaline on it

• How to practically work with the birthing body

• How to breathe effectively, so physiological processes are maximised

• The complete range of options for labour

• How the birth partner can be involved

• How to stay at home and remain calm by using proven techniques

• How to avoid intervention

• And most importantly, how to remain relaxed and not be afraid.

Our program builds on the advice given by your hospital and gives you the time to learn ‘how’ to do the skills during labour and birth. Hospital classes, which are wonderful, have so much information to get through, but they often don’t have time to help you practise and learn the skills that are most useful for labour and birth.

I need a Caesarean – what’s the point of preparing?

Because it’s still the birth of your child and you, your partner and your baby will benefit from doing some solid, sensible preparation. Before, during, and after your birth, know what to expect and what you can do to make it a positive experience. If you have ever experienced an operating suite, it can be a busy and bright place. Having a few techniques to help stay calm when lots of people are fussing over you, can be very beneficial.

What will my midwife / Obstetrician think about it?

Please ask them! The feedback we receive from health care providers is incredibly positive – parents are calmer, more educated and self-sufficient. Both Midwives and Doctors tell us how much they enjoy working alongside parents who are so flexible in their approach and feel less anxious because they have fully prepared.

What’s the difference between the Birth Sense course and Hypnobirthing / Calm Birthing courses?

To be honest, all three programs are quite similar in that they all aim to reduce the ‘fight or flight’ response in pregnancy, labour and birth. Hypnobirthing is an American program developed in the 1980’s by its founder, Marie Mongan. We think it’s great, its roots lie primarily in using self-hypnosis during labour and birth. 

Calm Birthing has been described as an ‘Australian version of Hypnobirthing’ although the website says it’s not. In 2014, the website states that the program “reflects the profession of its founder one being a midwife and the other a hypnotherapist.” So, we are sure that there is difference there somewhere. It’s a great program that has now become a franchise operation.

Birth Sense Australia approaches labour and birth by aiming to influence the way the body perceives and responds to stimuli in labour and birth. We help parents achieve an optimal mind and skillset for their experience using proven, sensible and practical mind-body techniques. We know that mammals respond to information through our five senses

• Visual – what we see • Auditory – what we hear • Kinaesthetic –what we feel • Olfactory – what we smell • Gustatory – what we taste

In labour and birth, it’s easy for a woman’s senses to go into overload which can invoke the ‘fight or flight’ response. Adrenalin increases, blood flow to the uterus diminishes and labour can become long and more painful.

We teach you and your partner how to prepare for labour and birth based on what the science tells us. We teach practical, sensible and modern skills that help you stay in control of your senses, so you can have a better birthing experience. Our techniques are applicable for use at home and in the hospital environment. We are committed to teaching and sharing current best practice by inviting industry experts to contribute to our expanding video library. This way you can hear it straight from experienced professionals such as Midwives, Maternal & Child Health Nurses and Dietitians. Many leading obstetricians recommend us because they see results in birth suite.

Currently Birth Sense Australia is the only provider of labour and birth preparation that teaches you how to practise and apply the skills in bite size video modules. Our approach of online video support ensures that you don’t miss a thing and is the most effective way to prepare for your upcoming birth.

Customer’s feedback is amazing. We are so confident that we are one of the few providers of labour and birth preparation that offer you a full money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with our courses – The only thing we ask, is that you let us know how we could make the experience better!

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